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Our Mission

"Serve Magic Flavors!"

At "Magic Flavors" we believe in strong distinct flavors and well spiced dishes. Our goal is to make you say "wow" when you first experience the explosion of flavors.

Everybody has their favorite flavors, so not every dish may be for you. That is actually wanted, because only that way can we offer such strong and distinct flavors. And we do this without any MSG added in the kitchen. Just spices, herbs and peppers. So no all-round mediocre flavors here, just Magic Flavors!

We understand that you should taste individual ingredients. Spices on the other hand should blending into the dish for complex tastes without standing out individually. With strong flavors, that is sometimes difficult to achieve, but we are trying.

Our goal is to bring you the best "Bites of the World" , the most popular dishes from around the world. Yes, sometimes we add our own twist on a recipe, a Chef's prerogative. Mostly, we want them to be original, yet adjusted for the local custom. We hope the flavors are.. well... Magic to you!

If you order something you don't really like, let us know and perhaps we can offer you another item. We want you to enjoy Magic Flavors, not to have a meal that is just not exciting to your taste buds.

If you have suggestions, we welcome feedback! Thank You!

Our Story

"East meets West"

Proprietors Didi & Val come from very different sides of the world. Chinese born Didi grew up next to the province of Szechuan, the most flavorful and very hot food in the world. China is such a vast country with many different styles of cooking, from Szechuan to Cantonese, and from Shanghainese to Mongolian. As that "Middle Empire" expanded and contracted, it also mixed flavors from India, and the Southeast Asian countries of Laos, Vietnam and Thailand into it's flavors.

Austrian born Val learned the Austrian-Hungarian Empires' Viennese cooking growing up. For 500 years, cooks and bakers brought their best recipes to king. This is now knows as the Viennese Cook Book. His German born mom was the daughter of long line of baker masters, so both baking and cooking is in his blood. These were the standards of his family cooking. Frequent mountaineering trips to Italy helped made Val appreciate Italian style Pizza and of course Gelato & Sorbetto.

Both Didi and Val met in China, got married in Austria and now live in Seattle. Between them, they have traveled to over 50 counties in the world. They have lived in Europe, China and America, and they got to know and like many different flavors. So now Didi and Val like to cook and eat all "Bites of the World", often enjoying Potlucks and Dinners with their very international friends.

How can we offer so many recipes...

"Can you keep a Secret?" "So can we!"

The short answer is "It's Magic!"

At "Magic Flavors", it of course starts with our own recipes. Through many years of testing and experimenting, countless trials and error, travels to far away places around the globe, we believe we now have very nicely and well flavors recipes.

Next, we cook & bake most things from scratch, using fresh or flash frozen ingredients whenever possible. Even if we use some bought sauces or spice mixes, they are seldom good enough for us. We add and fine tune the flavors, to make the Magic Flavors.

Then we use state of the art ovens and new techniques. Firstly , we precook some items and chill/freeze them to preserve freshness. Secondly, we use a combination of ovens, producing up to 1000F Infrared Heat, 60 miles/hour 500F Hot Forced Air and extremely hot Water Steam Vapors. This produces the delicious and intense food, without added MSG, just many herbs and exotic spices.

Our restaurant fits into the Gourmet Fast Food category, so it's not as expensive and with long wait times as the "made to order from scratch" owner/chef restaurants, and yet it's real food done in more advanced ways, like Starbucks, Applebee or alike

While we have traveled the world, one can not match the local flavors completely, so if you are are from one of these countries and have suggestions how to improve our Magic Flavors, you are welcome to make suggestions.

Thank You and Enjoy!

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